Contributing to Second Life

The process of RE:mate involves multiple categories of stakeholders and users. Construction waste elements such as windows, doors, masonry, concrete, timber, metal, glass and debris such as asphalt, rubble, tile, etc are sent to RE:mate and are to be sorted by specialists and the locals. From the sorting facilities, the elements are then sent for research and development (R&D), or sent to the cleaning and recovery process. This is to ensure the quality and estimated lifespan of the product and to ensure a second life of the material. The cleaned elements and the product from R&D are then sent to the intermediate storage space as a new product and are ready to be used by the market again.

With the process as this, the platform act as a connecting point of the missing linkage between the community, the professionals and the building elements. RE:mate contributes to the process by redefining the operation when it comes to producing the outcome of the second life of building elements.

The process of RE:mate

The community would sort and group the materials according to their grade ( lifespan ), design style, types of materials and to be used for different building types, square meters, and professionals would be able to look for what they desire via the platform. The sorting is similar to the percentage of cocoa in chocolate bars. Users can decide the percentage of sustainability when it comes to designing their new building with the use of recycled and reused materials. Once the order is processed, and the building is built, a certification grade of various levels would be distributed as a token of appreciation for contributing to the environment, sustainability and cradle-to-cradle.                              

With this, we can connect the local community and professionals, weaving the industrial terrain back into the urban context, while contributing to the environment. With the material hub, the location is easily targeted and accessible to all. Thus, achieving the aim of the Main Material Library Hub for Germany in elongating material lifespan with community efforts of recovering and recycling building components.